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JMPAUL & Co is an accounting and consultancy firm providing a comprehensive range of business advisory services to a wide range of clients from individuals to corporate.

We guide our clients in achieving their business objectives, mitigating their risk, and improving their business performance. We take pride in providing dedicated, friendly & personalized service combined with comprehensive advice.

GST Registration Consultants

Goods & Service Tax is a new taxation system in India which came into effect from July 1, 2017. GST has replaced many Indirect Taxes in India. GST is the sole indirect tax for the entire country which is based on consumption of goods and services. The rules and regulations, tax rates are governed by the Goods and Service Tax Council which consists of the finance ministers of Centre and all the states.
GST Consultant is a person who offers services to the payers by the online method. He should be registered on the GSTN portal and should also have a certification before he starts his practice. He is approved by the State or Central Government to do the following activities- File application for new registration.
  • File application for new registration
  • Apply to claim or refund
  • Also, he can send the request for changes or cancellation of registration
  • He can also check the list of taxpayers who are engaged in your account
  • Provide you with details of inward and outward supplies
  • Can also appear as an authorised representative before any department or office
  • Provide you with annual, quarterly or monthly GST returns
  • Deposit credit into the electronic ledger system such as interest, penalty, etc.

Trademark Registration Consultants

"Trademark" means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs.
JMPAUL & Co is an organization of professionals engaged in providing services like IPR (Trade Marks, copyright consultants, Patent and Design) registration as well as litigation.
We strive to offer innovative and customized business and legal solutions and endeavor to elevate the potential of all our clients and service partners.
Trademark registration can be done for the following:
  • Any word, title, symbol, heading, label, name, signature, numeral or any combination thereof.
  • Any Slogan, Base or Punch Line, etc. which are used to highlight the products and services.
  • Trademark Registration benefit both businesses and consumers. Trademarks allow businesses to build an identity and reputation with customers, and grow or expand business

Company Registration Consultants

Company formation in India or Incorporation Procedure of a Private Limited Company is governed as prescribed under Companies Act, 2013.
We are engaged in offering an optimum quality array of Company Registration Consultant Service for our esteemed customers. Offered array of registration services is rendered as per quality norms defined by the same industry. In addition to this, these registration services are admired for their timely execution.
Company registration will provide credibility and weight age to your business, as well as it will also provide you the required mental strength and confidence in demanding the fees.
Moreover business firms will consider you over others, when it will come to consulting advices, getting clients and to train their staffs.
  • After attaching the signed documents along with the ID and Address proofs of all the promoters and proof of Registered office address, Submit the form SPICE + (Part B) online using Digital Signatures for Company Incorporation and the documents shall be processed by the ROC in approximately 3-5 working Days.
  • Once ROC is satisfied and scrutiny is completed he will issue certificate of Incorporation. The company would come into existence from the date of Certificate of incorporation.

Income Tax Consultants

Income tax consultants are professionals who are subject matter experts in the area of income tax in India. Income tax is applicable on the income earned by a person or entity in India. Income Tax is regulated by the Central Government and the applicability of income tax differ between salaried individuals, professionals, businesses and more. Many persons and entities have a PAN from the Income Tax Department and pay income tax in India.
  • We monitor the Advance Tax payments by informing beforehand the due dates for the Advance Tax payment.
  • We can facilitate the deposit process in case the Accounts Team of the feel any difficulty.
  • We help in preparing the Final Financial Statements, prepare the Statement of Assessable Income and monitor the process wherever required.
  • When totally convinced that everything is in order, we provide assistance in filing the ITR.
  • We do take up the Scrutiny Cases, Appeals and onwards.

Tax Return Filing Agents

Filing of return is your constitutional duty and earns for you the dignity of consciously contributing to the development of the nation. This apart, your IT returns validate your credit worthiness before financial institutions and make it possible for you to access many financial benefits such as bank credits etc. JMPAUL & Co provides the services of filing your tax return including the Main property tax fairness credit. The advantages are:
  • It's simple, convenient and fast.
  • You enter key state information; we perform the calculations.
  • Submitted information is automatically saved for future referencing.
  • Processing of your return is faster and more accurate than paper filing.
  • If you are due a refund, you can Direct Deposit to your checking, savings or NextGen account.

Digital Signature Services

A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents. A valid digital signature, where the prerequisites are satisfied, gives a recipient very strong reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender (authentication), and that the message was not altered in transit. Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being adopted by various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in various applications. JM Paul & Co. offers different class of certificates to help organization and individuals secure online transactions with legal validity as per the Indian IT Act, 2000.
JM Paul & Co. conform to x.509 standard of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in India where in additionally these are issued as per IVG and IOG guidelines issued by the office of Controller of Certifying Authorities.
Our Experts help in appliying Digital Signatures for the following categories. Please look at our list below to select an appropriate application form.
The DSC is for Indians, who do not want their organization name to be part of the certificate.
Ths DSC is for companies (any type of entity), who want their organization name to be part of DSC.
Foreign Individuals
Ths DSC is for companies (any type of entity), who want their organization name to be part of DSC.

Accounting Services

JMPAUL & Co offers a wide range of accounting services to ensure that you have tax-ready financial statements when you need them the most.
By choosing us as your bookkeeping partner, you avail paper free bookkeeping and accounting solutions professionally delivered with utmost security and confidentiality in the shortest turnaround time. Accounting & Book Keeping Services all over India to efficiently manage your day to day records, analysis of your transactions, recommendation to manage the profitability and tax, balance sheet and tax filing.
Some of our critical accounting outsourcing in India includes manpower recruitment, supplying agency's services for various processes such as accounting processes
  • Lowering labor costs
  • Managing legal regulations
  • Focusing on core competencies
  • Reducing overhead
  • Promoting flexibility
Our professional bookkeeping services of bookkeeping accounting and auditing are very beneficial for startup and small businesses.

GST Return Filing Services

GST registration not only helps you in getting your business recognized as a legal registrant but also opens a number of opportunities for your business. JMPAUL & CO file your GST returns every month and get your business GST compliant. Our highly expert team will assist to file GST Returns. It’s a value-added tax that is levied on many goods and services that are sold for domestic consumption. The GST is paid by the customers and it’s simultaneously remitted to the government by the business that is selling the services and goods.
This means that the money is generated by the consumers and it serves as revenue for the government. GST replaces the myriad of Value Added Taxes that existed earlier and brings all state and central related taxes under one umbrella. Ever since the GST bill was introduced, business owners are leveraging the benefits of GST software for their filing needs. There are several benefits with us for GST Returns Filing
  • Prepare your GST return file automatically on the Government portal
  • 100% accurate filing with zero chances of errors
  • Notifications of deadlines so that you don’t miss any deadline
  • Collaborate with your team and allow access of GST data to your CA
  • Secure and reliable with 2-factor authentication and OTP verification
  • Complete support for all GST-related issues


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Jag Mohan Paul: (Hons) FCA, a Senior CA qualified in the year 1972 after graduating from SRCC, University of Delhi in 1966. Me has been the profession well over 40 years and has the experience to handle Jobs in hand, with ease and in a friendly manner.
Shubham Mittal: ACA is comparatively fresh in the profession but is with fresh knowledge and energy. He is very sharp in execution of Jobs in hand and is very accommodative.